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Video - Process - Analysis VPA: The new rationalisation method

We are specialists in rationalisation of industrial processes and we are
always looking for innovations without neglecting proven methods and without
just following trends. So we found in the international automotive
industries a very successfully utilised method. We improved this method for
our use. Processes are visualised by the traffic light colours green -
yellow - red and blue and streamlined leading to comprehend productivity

This new rationalisation method is the further development of the REFA based
MTM procedure. Processes are recorded by video, on a PC digitalised and
visualised and broken down into sequences. The determination of standard
times takes place simultaneously.

Modest efforts for recording and analysis
The analysed data are starting point for continuous improvement programs
     (TPM, Kaizan) for optimum increase of productivity
Analysis are reliable and repeatable at any time - 100 % proof
Equipment weak points are shown detailed
Members of the staff can easily identify with the results - complete transparency
Elimination and / or reduction of divergences with unions
Project costs are only a part of the full savings per year

Utilisation of the worker friendly VPA is immense.

In benchmarks of representative industries the following results were obtained.

Average Performer of an Industry:

Productivity Manipulation Steps Waste

Productivity Manipulation Steps Waste

Best Performer of an Industry:

green yellow red     blue

On average there is a potential to improve productivity by 20%, however only by reducing the red and blue sectors.
This concerning the resources staff and equipment and without investments.

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